Cablecure is now a part of Novinium.

Novinium has acquired UtilX

Novinium is the undisputed innovator at the forefront of the underground cable rehabilitation market.
We serve more than 300 utility and industrial customers across the globe.

Maximize Reliability and Minimize Costs with Cablecure and Cablewise Technologies

Damaged cables can result in poor cable performance and huge numbers of trouble calls. Poor performance and customer dissatisfaction can cost you money and time. When you’re looking for an alternative to replacing your cable, consider our Cablecure technology.

  • Cablecure brand silicone injection for power cables has been used with more than 500 customers for almost 20 years on 24,000 km of the worst performing cables in the world. Over 99 percent of those cables remain in failure-free service today.
  • Cablewise is a unique, non-destructive online electrical system condition assessment process that enables electric utilities and a wide range of commercial/industrial facilities to evaluate the condition of cable systems, transformers and switchgear.

Read more about how we’ve used Cablecure technology to restore damaged power cable, or read more about our assessment services. Or follow the links in the menu above to find out more about our company and its technology.